Shift Your Shit With Sara

October 26th, 2021

I couldn’t say no to this podcast host. 

1. Her name is Sara too. 

2. And she’s also an EFT practitioner. 

3. Best of all, shift your shit is a phrase I fell in love with about 2 years ago when my intuitive business coach Allyson Scammell started using it in her teaching. It just felt so right. There was so much shifting going on in my life, and so much more I wanted to shift.

In this podcast interview I share in depth about going from hearing about EFT tapping to becoming a practitioner and how much this work has changed the face of my marriage and relationships.

So much of the start of my journey was about accepting the emotions I was having and witnessing how it affected me and my family when I didn’t want to confront those emotions and how things changed when I did. 

EFT tapping is such an effective tool to finding the truth. Your body gives you signals if you are looking for them. Does a statement feel expansive and true or does it feel constricting and forced? When you try these statements on for size while you are tapping, the clarity usually comes through brighter and faster than if you were to keep turning those statements over and over in your brain. It was in one such session that I found the truth and allowed myself to verbalize that continuing to do work in health and fitness felt like being trapped. In allowing myself to verbalize that, I gave myself permission to make a hard pivot in my brand new EFT tapping business to focus on working with online business owners.