At the end of the day you’re exhausted from all the doing, and you still haven’t gotten around to writing that copy for your new coaching program.

Your preferred procrasti-habit is self-care…

Sometimes you feel guilty over taking care of yourself – physical, emotional, mental…and then you hear it again…”You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 


You are a Rapunzel  procrastinator

This is why you wanted to operate your own business from home!

So that taking extra time to stretch after your workout, or a quiet bath in the middle of the day, or grounding outside in the sun could be OPTIONS for you.

So many Procrasti-Princesses are envious of your ability to care for yourself because they continue to put everyone else first.

What’s the best thing about being a procrasti-self-care-guru?

You are already a pro at your #1 priority – you and your health.

Now it’s time to balance that important work with the work of building your business.

Here are some examples of what procrasti-Rapunzel might find themselves doing INSTEAD of making progress on their business:

  • You go to record that live video or reels but notice that it’s the perfect temp and sunny outside now, so you go outside for the next hour… or until the next thing on your calendar for the day “bumps” that video til tomorrow. 
  • Maybe you’ve spent a small fortune in self-care programs – meditations, 1:1 fitness coaching, even counseling, and while you are taking care of yourself, your business hasn’t grown at all.
  • Or maybe you find yourself  dragging out your morning routine for 3 hours, and at the same time the Wicked Witch in your head is verbally abusing you for not wisely using this time to work on your online business.
There's hope to change these procrasti-habits

Imagine this…

You can walk past the pile of laundry to your computer to email your list without hesitation.

You start work creating content as soon as the kids are off to school instead of diving into the pile of books on your desk to find the magic answer to getting motivated.

You can get in and out of Facebook groups in a reasonable timeframe, completing your goal of networking, yet not getting lost in offering all the advice, or just simply distracted by #allthethings.

You spend a resonable amount of time in self-care so that you aren’t pouring from an empty cup, yet you still have time for business and the family without working 16 hours a day.






These are the primary reasons why our brain leads us to choose our favorite procrasti-habit instead of #allthethings you said you were going to get done for your business today…this week…last month. 

It’s.  Not.   Your.  Fault. 


Procrastination is a favorite method that our brain uses to keep us “safe” and it’s time to challenge that habit


Today, the daily stressors – including ones that have NOTHING to do with your biz- put your brain in an almost constant state of fight-flight-freeze, and we find ourselves engaged in our favorite procrasti-habit instead of doing the thing that makes us a little uncomfortable in our business.

So what’s so different about this challenge?

EFT tapping is the tool you didn’t know you needed 

End procrastination without time-blocking, timers, meditation or other time-sucking techniques you’ve tried.

With this 10-minute tool, you’ll turn off the fight-or-flight response that suddenly made you go run a second bubble-bath in the middle of the day.

Hi, I’m Sara, and I’ve had all the Procrasti-Princess-Personalities. Click the video below.

Repeat after me: I am not sabotaging myself. My nervous system is in overdrive, and I can do something about that right now.

Enter EFT tapping.

EFT=Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT tapping works directly to calm down the parts of the brain that are responsible for the fight-flight-freeze response. 

How is this challenge different?

You don’t need more information.  In 4 short days you’ll experience how EFT tapping can transform your procrasti-habits:

  • You’ll know how to do EFT tapping, and use it to feel immediate calming of the nervous system
  • You’ll identify your #1 procrasti-habit that is your go-to when your brain is having a hard time making a decision about something (SPOILER ALERT: it probably has something to do with your mobile device)
  • You’ll use tapping to mitigate your procrasti-habits
  • You’re even likely to become crystal clear on the emotions that trigger your procrasti-habit
What is EFT tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques use tapping on meridian points to rewire the emotional response that the brain is having to a perceived situation. What that means is that we can take the emotion that you are feeling when you think about taking that next important step in your business (like doing that live video, starting an email list, or publishing that blog or website) and use EFT tapping to calm down the fight or flight response that is causing you to procrastinate instead of doing the thing.

How can EFT tapping help my procrastination?

Example: Sara (a hypothetical online business owner) was planning to go live in her Facebook group today for the first time in a month. First she tidied up the area where she was going to go live because she doesn’t want people to think she’s a hot mess, and then she brings some dishes into the kitchen and 30 minutes later finds herself deep cleaning her kitchen floor in the middle of the day when the kids are at school and the house is quiet. 

Sara is procrasti-cleaning to avoid doing the video. The next thing she knows, the kids are home and she has to put off the video for yet another day. 

What could she have done differently? 

Sara recognizes that she is avoiding something because she actually hates cleaning. Sara could have set the cleaning bucket aside (after all, the cleaning can be done when the kids are home), and started tapping, asking herself how she feels when she thinks about doing the video.

Sara identifies that “I feel pressured to put valuable content up in my group everyday and I question if it really matters.” If she stops to do some EFT tapping now, Sara can harness the power of EFT tapping to voice how she is feeling and to calm her stress response

After tapping, it is much more likely that Sara will go do the video – she will make progress instead of procrastinating – because she has used EFT tapping to reduce the intensity of the pressure she feels. Now, her body and brain are not sending the same fight or flight response that was making her procrastinate before she did the tapping. 

Get to know your host, Sara

As an Accredited and Certified EFT practitioner and Intuitive Business Coach, I specialize in work with online entrepreneurs who are stuck in a loop of procrastination, personal development, impostor syndrome and perfectionism. My ARISE coaching framework and EFT skillset help you eliminate procrastination and step into confident action in your online business. We work together to identify procrasti-habits, repeating life patterns, and limiting beliefs, and then rewire these systems with EFT tapping so that you can make satisfying progress in your business on a daily basis. 

Don’t  just  take my word for it…